Electro-Acoustic and Sound Design

Created with concern for the government’s arts policy…
Trombone through a vocoder and auto-wah with inspiration from the Statue Unveiling in Charlie Chaplin's City Lights (1926) and Publio Delgado's "Harmonizator" on Jones Big Ass Truck Rentals & Storage.

Beneath a delicate bed of solo violin harmonics (original music) we hear the intermittent call of the “white-lipped foam frog”. He is formally identified as the music of Boyd Raeburn and His Orchestra playing “Tonsilectomy” comes in and out of focus. The groove is jagged and oft interrupted by piano sounds (original music) as well as an “astrophysical sonified x-ray” that has been squeezed through Soniccouture’s tube-based Novachord.

All Smithsonian Remix sounds have been made available under an “Attribution – NonCommercial” Creative Commons license.

Letters are arranged on a sheet of cardboard by a 2 year old. She has organised and placed them solely based on their shape and colour.

Recorded letters have been processed to form sounds and colours. We think we hear words being spelled and we listen for patterns. Snippets of groove may emerge, but we are reminded that the art of sound defies our imposition of order and meaning.

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Singer Mezz Coleman asked me to do an ambient track as backing to her "Goodbye Song". It uses toy piano, car keys, nut shell shaker, maracas, and my son's plaintive little singing voice. Download the track here.

Electro-acoustic work that has fun with extracts from Erdenklavier (by Berio).

"...the natural harmonises with the artificial. The artist collects, on the beach of the Tasman Sea, in the markets of Paris, both the trivial and the exceptional in order to create new constellations, formations and beings. Layer upon layer, images piled on images, coats of paint, bitumen, varnish or glue rescue remains of human life..."

I created an improvised sound design to accompany this exhibiton. Download the gallery catalogue.

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This is an extract of a sound design I did for a short animation where a jewel thief on the run gets into some strife with a street sweeper and a tram. The various yells and screams are me...

A mock “french” tune that was written and recorded for a short film.

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A music box ballerina takes a turn for the worse.

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Sound design for a paper delivered on secrecy in the rooms of American literary hotels...

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Kafka’s first novel America sends its protagonist across the Atlantic to find work in a hotel as a lift-boy. Both the customers and the personnel get off at different levels at random. The claustrophobic space of the lift is pierced by foreign noises - the cacophony of chattering voices mingled with music and the bureaucracy down at the reception – as the doors open and close.

As a hangover from the Roaring Twenties, the second hotel is modelled after the great Waldorf-Astoria in New York. The enfant terrible of French literature, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, sends his destitute alter-ego up the lift in the notorious Journey to the End of the Night. But will he be able to pass the sliding doors and the reception through the haze of cigar smoke, martinis and gorgeous women?
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Nabokov’s classic child heroine Lolita and how her degenerate stepfather smuggles her into a room on the road is the subject of the third piece. Amidst the roar of Chevrolets and the cautious beginnings of Rock ‘n’ Roll, literature’s most infamous seduction is about to take place.
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An early attempt: reworking “It’s All Right With Me” (Porter) that was intended as a tribute...
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